Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thoughts of Halloween

I've been thinking about where we'll take the kids trick or treating this Friday. It is an away football game so lots of people will not be home. But, I remembered that most of the homes we are expected to "haunt" will have eager candy givers just waiting for our arrival. How cool is it that my kids will trick or treat at many of the homes I did as a kid? That got me thinking of places we must stop and places that I wish we could still visit.

Here are a few places I remember going to as a child:

  • Hobart and Anna Mae's--Anna Mae always had those spiced muffin/cupcakes with the ghost made out of a sucker (Tootsie Pop, I believe) and Kleenex. It was always in the middle of the muffin. I never cared much for the muffin or the sucker, but I thought the whole thing together was way cool and I had to have it.
  • Grandmother Sims--she always made popcorn balls. Have you ever tried to make them?
  • Burnett--she had reserve candy for her "special" friends. (Sadie was fortunate enought to get to visit her some)
  • Si and Willa--Si would always make us say our name, etc. for the video camera. We really should all get together with Si to view those someday--he turns ninety soon. I imagine Aunt Louise will be there to help him this year.
  • Ruth Mann--She'd always take our picture and send it to us later. I remember the year we went with the Whites and were Star Wars characters. (there's another post--costumes you remember)

We'll probably drop in on Si, Roberta, Cone, the Butlers (Sadie went in their house one year and started up the stairs), and Bob and Pat's for sure. Only in Happy does trick or treating take awhile because you are sometimes expected to go in for a short visit. Robby and I will probably score some candy, too. If you are in Happy Friday, feel free to join us.