Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Day in the City

I travelled to Amarillo today--by MYSELF. I enjoyed my time alone and made the following observances:
  • If the economy is so bad, why are all of these people in Amarillo and in my way? Traffic was pretty heavy and all of the places that I think would be hurt in this "bad" economy seemed to be doing well--nail salons, restaurants, the mall. You had to wait in line to exit the mall area.

  • Why on earth would you choose the weekend to have 1/3 of a parking lot of a shopping center resurfaced?

  • Sam's apparently is in the middle of resurfacing their parking lot, too. The whole lot was available, but parts didn't have lines. You can imagine the craziness; some aisles (is that what you call them in a parking lot?) didn't have room for two cars to go by at the same time.

  • Those crafty people at Hobby Lobby are scary drivers, both in the parking lot and in the store.

  • I finally bought myself some boots today. I have never spent that much on something to wear in my life. They are pretty cool and should last several years. Sorry, the picture isn't that great.

I ate lunch at Great Harvest Bread Company. Yummy, homemade bread and an incredible amount of meat and cheese on the sandwich. Even bought a few loaves for the family.