Saturday, October 11, 2008

In Search of the Perfect Pomegranate

UPDATE: I posted the wrong site, if you want to see the progress from bloom to fruit, click here.

I was very excited in the produce department the other day. Pomegranates are starting to arrive. They are an indulgence for me as they are a little pricey. From now until I get tired of eating them, I'll be on a quest to find the perfect one--juicy, sweet, but not too sweet and a little tart. It is kind of hard to get to the seeds, but the effort is worth it. The seeds are tasty and crunchy--what more could you want in a snack (and healthy, too). The other thing I like about this fruit is that no one else in my family likes them, so I don't have to share. You can click here to see pictures of pomegranates from bloom to fruit and then to the tasty seeds. It is really an interesting and pretty process.