Monday, October 20, 2008

Campbell's Soup and FFA

You may have noticed in the side bar that you can go to the Campbell's Soup site titled "Help Grow your Soup" and click on the Red Barn to support the National FFA Organization. I'd encourage you to check the site out. Campbell's is doing some neat things in conjunction with the FFA. One thing that caught my eye is the projects to preserve old barns. There are some really neat pictures of old barns.

Speaking of FFA--Robby has almost finished buying all the pigs his kids need. The BBQ bus traveled to a Firestone opening on Saturday. After that, Firestone reserved the bus for the Tech-tu game. We are so excited, the bus is great advertisement for the Happy FFA program and all of the great people who helped fund the project. I believe Firestone is even going to make a donation to the chapter and possibly fund a scholarship. Needless to say, Robby is thrilled.