Sunday, August 31, 2008

Random Information

In the middle of February, I started keeping track of how many eggs we collect each day. Since then, we have collected 390 eggs (keep in mind, that is probably a little low, because I don't always remember to write it down). That is a lot of eggs! Imagine what we'll have when the 10 chicks start laying.

The Rules

We had the wonderful opportunity to travel to the lake with our church this summer. We were blessed to share a camping area with our friends the McBrooms who were also gracious enough to share their boat and jet ski as well. The first day in the boat, April sat the kids down and said she needed to go over the rules. I was all set to hear about water safety and the rules for the boat. In addition to what I expected, April shared the three rules that our friend Ronay had once jokingly come up with. They are:
  1. Smile
  2. Act like you want to be here
  3. Speak when spoken to

To my surprise, the kids took them very seriously and when they were referred to throughout the weekend, attitudes seemed to change. That Sunday we mused that Ronay had a definite beginning for a book and we'd have to travel around "testing" the rules. We all offered to be collaborators on the project.

I've thought about them a lot.I even enacted them on some junior high girls at the Happy Days dance. (they at least started smiling) They've even come in handy a time or two with the family. If everyone would make an attempt to follow "the rules" life would be much more pleasant.

Just a thought.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


The other day I was lamenting about how this had been a crazy, hectic summer. I had a mental to-do list and nothing got checked off. Then Sadie announced, "This has been the best summer ever!!" After reconsidering and thinking about all of the things we have done this summer, I'd have to agree, it's been a pretty good one. It's all about perspective...oh, to see with child-like eyes.


Why don't they just sell a box of Lucky Charm marshmallows? That's all my kids eat anyway. and, before you judge me for getting my children sugar-laden cereal--it is made with whole grains.

Ever had a pickle-sickle? If we'd have been on the ball we could have marketed them. Saw in the back of a magazine where you can order "Bob's Pickle-sickles."

How come when we think something is a good idea, someone else has already made a million dollars off of it??

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Shack

I just finished reading The Shack by William P. Young. I decided to read the book on recommendation from my sister. When I looked it up on the web, I found out it has been somewhat controversial, which made me want to read it more. (As a teen, the preacher preached against the movie The Last Temptation of Christ--my brother and I went and saw it that afternoon.)

The book is good on many levels. First, it is a pretty good story. It makes you think about your relationship with God. I felt like it was pretty much in line with my "theological" views--which may offend some people. I think it is controversial because it makes a lot of people uncomfortable. It brings into question who God is and how He appears (or doesn't appear) to people. I believe that God can be many different things to many different people. You and I may have a different picture of who God is and that's okay. It doesn't matter what He looks like, just that we have a relationship with Him.

I also think it is good to ask questions as the search for answers can cause our faith to grow and expand. There are, however, many "theologians" out there that would like for us to believe that God is rigid and only the way they teach us that He is. That he couldn't possibly be different to different people. They'd like us to believe that Church is what is important. Perhaps we get so involved in the politics and workings of the church we actually forget the real purpose of the church.

I've rambled enough without giving away the book, I'd love to know what you think about it if you read it. I won't be offended if you have a different view than I do. Who knows, we might learn something from one another. We could at least have adult conversation about it.

Guns at School??

I don't know if you have read in the paper or heard in the news about the small school at Harrold. They have decided to allow their teachers to "pack heat." The main reason they give is that law enforcement could take 30 minutes or more to arrive in the event a problem arises.
This is off of the AP wire:
This article is from the local Amarillo paper:

Supposedly the board will decide which teachers are "stable" enough to be allowed to carry guns and they will only use a certain bullet that is "safer".

This bothers me for several reasons:

  • Harrold has now announced to the whole world that they are a small school on a major highway with no law enforcement (I can see the crazy people plotting now)
  • Do you really think a teacher won't eventually pull a gun on a misbehaving student??
  • What is going to keep the students from getting the gun from the teacher--can you say mutiny?
  • Guns will not prevent unstable people from trying to carry out whatever crazy plan they have on the school.
  • Isn't "safe bullet" an oxymoron???

Maybe I'm a little old fashioned or short-sighted

The Way I See It

I decided in the car today that I should start jotting down my thoughts on things. Maybe it is a way of filling in the void of adult conversation during the day, mainly I think it is just a place for me to write down my thoughts. Who knows--someone might share the same thoughts or they may cause someone to stop and think and maybe define or redefine his or her view of things.

For what it is worth--we stay-at-home moms may not have a "job", but we do have intelligent thoughts in between changing diapers, laundry, and all the other things that go along with the "job" we don't have.