Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Guns at School??

I don't know if you have read in the paper or heard in the news about the small school at Harrold. They have decided to allow their teachers to "pack heat." The main reason they give is that law enforcement could take 30 minutes or more to arrive in the event a problem arises.
This is off of the AP wire:
This article is from the local Amarillo paper:

Supposedly the board will decide which teachers are "stable" enough to be allowed to carry guns and they will only use a certain bullet that is "safer".

This bothers me for several reasons:

  • Harrold has now announced to the whole world that they are a small school on a major highway with no law enforcement (I can see the crazy people plotting now)
  • Do you really think a teacher won't eventually pull a gun on a misbehaving student??
  • What is going to keep the students from getting the gun from the teacher--can you say mutiny?
  • Guns will not prevent unstable people from trying to carry out whatever crazy plan they have on the school.
  • Isn't "safe bullet" an oxymoron???

Maybe I'm a little old fashioned or short-sighted