Friday, November 21, 2008

Some Things to Ponder

I made a quick trip to Amarillo this evening BY MYSELF. I took care of some Christmas shopping and made the following observations.
  • Hobby Lobby has got to be the only national chain store left in the universe that does not swipe bar codes. I think they enjoy watching people stand in long lines waiting to check out while they type in each item. I also think they like the fact that the receipt is so confusing when you are finished that you have no idea if you were charged correctly or not. And, after waiting in line for so long, you aren't about to question.
  • I usually have a plan of what I will be buying when I go to a store. Tonight, lots of people were aimlessly wandering around (in my way) looking at Toys R Us--come on people, T.S. and I have spent hours pouring over sale catalogs and perusing the Internet to make our list!
  • Sam's was actually not very crowded. I don't know if it was because it was later in the evening or if all of those people were a) stuck in line at Hobby Lobby or b) wandering around Toys R Us trying to decide what to get people for Christmas.

Just some thoughts--on a bright note, I'm almost finished with all of my shopping. Now if I could just get the projects I've started finished.