Friday, November 21, 2008

The Bell Ringer

While shopping this evening I was reminded of a time last year when T.S. and I were at Hobby Lobby. On the way in, he noticed the Salvation Army bell ringer. He was quite taken with the fact that someone actually got to stand outside and ring a bell. I told him we'd put money in on our way back to the car. All through the store he kept asking if he'd get to ring the bell. I explained that he probably would not, we were just giving money to people who needed it.

On the way out, I handed him some change and he went over and dropped his money in the kettle. Then, he just stood there looking at the man. The man said thank you and T.S. kept standing there. Finally, I told the man that T.S. was really wanting to ring the bell. The kind man let T.S. ring it and his day was made.

I wonder if he'll think he's paying to ring a bell this year.