Saturday, November 8, 2008

Annie Get Your Gun

While spending a leisurely morning reading the paper online, I thought that this was interesting. My grandmother had been telling me for weeks that they were "sold out of guns" in Amarillo. Last night on the news they mentioned that people were not only buying guns, they were stock-piling ammunition because there was rumor that the new president would increase the tax on ammunition by as much as 1000%. So, I Googled "gun sales up." Apparently sales are up across the country. Some say because of the president-elect, some say because of the economy. This brings the idea of a "well-armed militia" to a whole new level.

I think all of the concern is a little over the top. I imagine most of the people buying guns already have a few. I've always asked my husband why we need more than one (that's a whole different post in itself.) Should we be concerned that so many people are purchasing guns? If they don't already have a gun, why do they need one? Should I drop by the gun shop when I go to town today? Maybe we should build on to the house so we can stock-pile ammunition. Have you bought your gun today?