Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It is time for the kittens to make the next step in their lives--move outside. We really enjoy having them in the house, but know eventually we will have issues like climbing on the furniture and shedding. There is also the possibility they will realize we have a rat and gerbil in the house.

It is crazy that I would have such a difficult time sending the cats outside. It is not like we'll just throw them out and forget about them. They'll have a nice bed in the garage and we'll feed them everyday. It's just that I have invested time into them--bottle feeding, making them poop, etc. (for more on that whole adventure go here and search our blog for "kittens.") I also know that as the adopted mom I have been unable to fully prepare them to go outside--I have no idea how to teach a cat to hunt. So,in hindsight, our rat and gerbil are probably safe.

I think I'm getting a glimpse of the future and what it will be like when it is time to send the kids on to new adventures in their life. As moms are we ever prepared for this?