Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Random Thoughts--some serious, some not so much

Today has been a good day. T.S. and I spent the morning at home. Any day you don't change out of your pajamas until after noon is a good one in my book. I volunteered at school, ran some errands around town then spent the rest of the afternoon at church with our after school program. Right now the rest of the family is doing something with the lambs, supper is cooking and I have a minute to share my thoughts.
  • My heart is heavy today. My friend Brandon is battling cancer. He received some not so good news this week. Please pray for him, his wife Jenny and their family. On the same note, I hope that when life hands me lemons I can be as faithful and courageous as Brandon has been and continues to be.
  • The cats must go outside soon--when you find one in the refrigerator, you know it is time. You should have seen me searching cabinets in the kitchen trying to find the quiet meow for help.
  • Got a package in the mail today--that always makes me happy. (yes, it was something I ordered, but still, it was a package)
  • I think I've gotten this resin stuff figured out--now for time to complete some necklaces and start marketing.
  • Shipo is cutting the Milo, nothing cooler than a combine in the field with a sunset in the background. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to take some photos tomorrow. The boys will be thrilled to go watch.

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts. Have a great evening/day! Remember to be thankful. Trey Morgan's post today will make you count your blessings.