Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Has a Visitor

Friday afternoon Robby called to tell me that a man who was taking his mule and gypsy wagon across the United States was in town. He went by to visit with him and learned lots of interesting things. You can go to Bernie's website to learn more about his expedition. You can see a few pictures of Happy, Palo Duro Canyon and our friend Kyle. Kyle took Bernie up in his plane Saturday.

When we pulled into church today, we saw Bernie getting his mule Polly ready to go. They had spent a few nights under Happy's water tower. On our way to Tulia, we saw them on the service road and as we were leaving Tulia, we saw them coming into town. Can you imagine only traveling around 15 miles per day?

Also--Happy seems to be the place for adventurers. A man flying his airplane (a fairly small, old one) back to Alaska ran out of gas and landed somewhere around Happy. According to those who witnessed it, he walked up to Jackie's (our local fillin' station) and filled a gas can, refueled his plane and took off.

For those of you not from here, Happy is in the Texas Panhandle about 36 miles south of Amarillo and 90 miles north of Lubbock. Come see us anytime, we're always ready for a good adventure.