Friday, January 30, 2009

Have you seen my spoons?

A strange phenomenon has come over our house. We seem to be missing quite a few spoons. I noticed the other day that there weren't many in the silverware drawer. I just thought the kids had eaten lots of cereal and they were in the dishwasher. Instead, our spoon supply seems to have dwindled.

When Robby and I married 10 years ago we started off with enough silverware to serve at least 12 and probably 14 (can't remember the exact number of place settings we received.) I haven't counted, but I think we are down to something like 8 spoons, maybe less. So where are they?
  • Were they inadvertently thrown in the trash?
  • Did the kids "borrow" them to play something and forget to bring them back to the kitchen?
  • Are they where the lost socks go to play?

I'm pretty sure that somewhere in another dimension are lonely single socks and lost spoons trying to figure out how to re-enter the world and find their mates and place in the drawer.