Thursday, September 11, 2008


Robby and Sadie washed the lambs in the rain today. (see pics at Bow Family Adventures) The basketball goal that has been laying beside our driveway for a really long time was finally put to good use as a place to tie the lamb while it was being washed. C.W. enjoyed watching the process while playing in the garage. He can even tell the lambs apart and likes them very well from a distance. The t-shirts fit and all parts seemed to be in the proper place when I checked in on the shearing. The lambs didn't seem to mind their new attire, either.

T.S. rode his bicycle in the rain and had a glorious time. Yes, it was chilly today. It was either let him do that or have him interrupt homework or probably make Robby gouge a lamb with the clippers.

Sadie and Robby will take the lambs to the fair tomorrow. (after Robby has gotten the concession stand ready, finished up everything for the ag. mechanics contest and washed and clipped a pig) The BBQ Bus is at the fair (hallelujah!!) and I am told it looks awesome. Saturday will be a long day with Ag. Mechanics judging in the morning and lamb show starting in the afternoon.