Sunday, September 14, 2008


We were fortunate to get to spend time together as a family working and playing at the fair this weekend. Sadie did a fantastic job at her very first lamb show. Robby's BBQ bus is finally done and looks amazing. He had lots of support from the community--even a group came up on Saturday for the results. His kids worked well together and were willing to help with the animals even though they were only there for Ag. mechanics. It was a great weekend--it was fun to see Robby working with his students. It was neat to watch Sadie hanging out with the "big kids." T.S. had a ball roaming from the chickens to the bus and then to the lamb pen. We were glad GeGe could come watch Sadie show. Between her, Jay and CW and the Brockmans, Sadie had quite a following.

When I spoke with my sister in Magnolia (close to Houston) I was reminded how blessed we are. While we were enjoying rides at the fair, they were preparing for Hurricane Ike to blow through. They were without electricity until sometime Sunday. Thankfully it didn't take the full two weeks they were saying it would to get it back on and thankfully the Spiveys came through with no major damage. Tonight there are still millions of people without electricity and water. The damage is incredible in some areas. I am so grateful my family is okay and I'm blessed to have had a fun weekend with Robby and the kids. (you can see some of Jennifer's hurricane pics on their blog--the Spivey Story)