Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I think I was offended.

Shopping in Wal Mart the other day (I know not my favorite but they have almost everything I need and very convenient) I was searching for play money. I turned down one aisle in the toys only to be flooded with pink on all sides. I looked up and the aisle was labeled "girls' role play." Okay, I thought, this is a long row just for dress-up clothes. Well, "girls' role play" seems to encompass all of the cooking stuff, Make-it-Bake-it ovens, play appliances, cleaning supplies, etc. Not only is it all on that aisle, most of it is in a pink box. And...I didn't see anything like tools or mechanics' toys...

How crazy! I have three boys at my house that love to bake cupcakes and play restaurant in the play room. Just yesterday they were taking turns feeding a baby doll and pushing her around in the stroller. One of them even went "grocery" shopping and ask me to find a sack so he could take his groceries home and then "go to work."

I am thrilled that these boys are willing to play and take on these "roles." Thank goodness they don't know that they are supposedly for girls. No wonder our society is so messed up--we start out early telling girls and boys what their role is supposed to be instead of letting them try everything out and decide that everyone can do everything. Thankfully no one told my husband what his is--he is the best vacuum runner I have ever seen and he knows his way around the kitchen.