Friday, August 7, 2009


Are you like me?
Are you wondering where the summer went? How it went by so quickly?
Did you start the summer with a long to-do list only to see very few items checked off?

Are you like me? Are the few projects you did start about 3/4 finished?
Yesterday I was contemplating the "loss of summer." I realized that even though it didn't seem like we'd had much summer, we sure have fit a lot of activities in. The kids have had fun, I've had fun, I think Robby has had fun (although several more rounds of golf would have made it more fun.)

So, what is the point of summer? Is it to cram as many activities and projects in or is it to rest and relax and enjoy? I think our summer has been a fairly good combination of both. Maybe we can fit a little bit more of the rest and relaxation part in next year.

And, hey, I still have one week before I start my new (gasp) job, so maybe I can at least finish the one project I between all of the Happy Days Celebration activities, buying shoes for the kids, shopping for school supplies.....

Oh well, there's always next year.