Saturday, May 23, 2009

What I did today (so far)...

Today has been a fun day for me. Robby and the kids went to play golf, so I have gotten to do the following:
  1. Visit Nonnie (my grandmother) uninterrupted and even share lunch.
  2. Transplant my tomato (20), broccoli (4) and jalapeno pepper(4) plants.
  3. Search for and find a sprinkler that works and start the water on some dry spots in the yard.
  4. Work on Bible school stuff.
  5. Put the cages on the tomato plants (note to self: 20 cages=40 posts to hammer in; maybe make sure Robby is around for that next year)

I enjoyed my time in the garden--listening to birds, a Bob White quail, and thunder in the distance. The day is still young and there is still much to do. I believe I'll go sit on the porch, watch the sprinkler and listen to the thunder.

Everything else can wait.