Thursday, May 21, 2009

The View from the Kitchen Sink

I was standing at the sink yesterday looking out the window. I realized how much I love glancing out that window to see what is happening outside.

I can see the garden. Right now the potato plants are really growing, we're still waiting for the newly sprouted seeds to take off. Soon, I'll look at the garden and want to be out in it as other chores keep me in the house.

I can see the kids on the trampoline. Often, I can watch them without them even knowing I am there. Last night, they were playing "Tramp Ball." Robby chips soft golf balls towards the kids as they are jumping on the trampoline. The kids' goal is to catch the ball. There were smiles and giggles all around.

Petunia, the dog, sometimes realizes I'm at the window. She will stand outside looking up and in at me--silent conversations that unfortunately may be ending sooner than we'd like.

Sometimes I'm lucky enough to glance out when our covey of quail is on the move. Last summer they had a very predictable schedule.

Out the window, I can see cats sunning and playing, chickens scratching and plants and kids growing. The window seems to frame all of these happenings and make them into photographs in my mind.

What's your favorite view?